Baby Monitor Duo (VoIP) is a must have app for all parents

Baby Monitor Duo (VoIP) is a must have app for all parents

Germany based Kirstin Hofkens – Mobile Applications has announced the recent update of their family utility Baby Monitor Duo (VoIP) for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Baby Monitor Duo is an incredibly helpful monitoring app as it is became a truly users choice #1 and app got thousands of Downloads as app is available on the App Store since 2009. Baby Monitor Duo (VoIP) lets parents take complete control over their baby sleep and calls them every time and in all data networks (Edge, 3G, LTE and WiFi), when baby is crying! Mobile technology is a fantastic thing, though, andBaby Monitor Duo (VoIP) even allows you to turn two iOS devices into a sleek and functional baby monitoring system.

Here are some Monitor Duo (VoIP) main features:

• live video streaming within the same WiFi network

• two-way-communication

• event log tracks all activities in the baby’s room

• camera function: take a photo within LTE, 3G or Edge

• unlimited range

• switches seamlessly between WiFi, Edge, 3G and LTE

• rock-solid stability, enhanced by a pro-active connection checker

• supports multi-tasking on the parent receiver.

Recently updated version of the app now features live video streaming. Monitor Duo (VoIP) is available to download from the App Store for 3,99 € and is universally compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.