App Media Strategy Planning

App Media Strategy Planning


App Media Strategy has gone from being a cutting edge concept to the dominating dynamic infiltrating the internet today. Our web-based marketing experts will developer proper Media Strategy for your app and establish your product through the many interactive connection channels available today. Your BombAppromotion team will introduce your app as a topic of buzz and discussion throughout popular newsrooms and web portals including media leaders such as Mashable, WIRED, Engadget, and others.

Modern app shoppers have a keen eye for frank, self-aware product endorsement and they tend to respond to this form of information with unparalleled enthusiasm. BombAppromotion media team will get your product the publicity it deserves through uniquely designed and managed web 2.0 initiatives built on the most important marketing digital concept of all – interpersonal engagement.

As part of this service BombAppromotion will:

  • Create accounts for you with a wide variety of web 2.0 newsrooms, media outlets, and other web portals to use as launching pads for current and future app promotions:
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • YouTube
    • Vimeo
    • Medium
    • SlideShare
    • Pinterest
  • Work to develop custom, professionally designed accounts on behalf of your company and/ or your product at all web 2.0 portals we decide to engage.
  • Post 1-2 messages/photos/comments on a daily basis for 2 weeks.
  • Utilize a dedicated team of seasoned digital marketing experts to actively build product buzz, awareness, and foster positive coverage of your application from a distinct ‘user’ perspective during one month.

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