Digital Media Kit Creation

Digital Media Kit Creation


Creativity begets attention. Even the most exciting applications can falter commercially if preceded by an uninspired promotional push that lacks intrigue and at all important “wow” factor. Our Media Kit service was created to ensure our client’s applications never fall victim to this same fate. Our Art & Design teams will work in collaboration with our Writing department to create marketing content for your application that’s as creatively engrossing as it is effective and informative.

This service entails a professionally prepared presentation including app description, screenshots, infographics, app promo video, and in later stages a full on promotional push by our marketing team. Our significant industry resources will help your application reach legions of consumers, our Media Kit service will guarantee they take a second and a genuine interest in it once it does reach them. This service includes:

  • Professionally written app description.
  • App Promo Video for your app
  • Creatively enhanced app screenshots for promotional use.
  • Professionally prepared infographics
  • Presentation preparing and distribution through relevant media resources, like Slideshare etc.

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