Google Play promotion services and marketing tips

Google Play promotion services and marketing tips

Promotion on Google Play differs from promotion on the App Store or Windows Store. Due to some recent research there are around 1 600 000 apps available on Google Play while on the App Store only 1 500 000. Taking into consideration Android OS has approximately more than 1,6 bln daily users (proof) your app may have potentially extremely large audience to deliver your app for. There are various ways for you to organize marketing campaign for your app.

Independent developers usually have not so much funds for marketing and promotion on Google Play but there are some effective and rather affordable services that each Android developer can afford:

  1. Write & Publish Press Release regarding your app release or update on Google Play news & new app releases sites.
  2. Organize reviews to your app on Android review sites with targeted audience
  3. Submit your app for review on famous Android review sites like
  4. Try to get some blog reviews for your app on Android related blogs and sites
  5. Organize Mass mailing campaign among active Android users
  6. Try to get as much as possible reviews and ratings for your app, try to motivate users to write reviews as they can help you with new updates

Using these services you can reach your potential Android users, increase media visibility & publicity levels of your app and get your app covered on thematic resources like Android review sites, tech blogs ets.

If you have no time for such marketing campaign you can hire some marketing agency as they offer various marketing services & tools. I would advice ****BombAppromotion PR & Marketing team**** as they have experience in promoting Android apps on Google Play.