New iTunes & iBooks marketing services by BombAppromotion

New iTunes & iBooks marketing services by BombAppromotion

New York based BombAppromotion PR & Marketing recently released new marketing services designed specifically for iTunes music and iBooks products promotion. Now artists all over the world can get more tools for promotion of their works on iTunes and iBooks platforms. The leading mobile marketing company is excited to be involved with this global media market, where customers can download all kinds of media products like songs, albums, movies, TV shows, apps, books, or audiobooks.

As a leading mobile marketing and PR company BombAppromotion is always glad to partner with artists, writers, major music labels and book publishers within media industry to expand our capabilities, offering our clients as broad a spectrum of viable marketing & promotional solutions as we can. Check out new marketing services from BombAppromotion on our site

BombAppromotion specializes in promoting mobile applications, iTunes music albums, songs and iBooks products throughout every major marketplaces in the world like App Store, Google Play, iTunes  and providing our clients with scalable marketing services geared to increase their products’ visibility within the marketplace, throughout social networks, and across web-based media outlets.

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