Social Medias as a key factor for Trump’s 2016 Presidential Victory

Social Medias as a key factor for Trump’s 2016 Presidential Victory

Recent win of Donald Trump in 2016 presidential campaign is a huge surprise for everyone. Surprise  but not only for Social Media experts that were observing this election campaign  in Facebook, Twitter and other media networks.Donald Trump’s unexpected election romp has set the world of social media on fire. But that started long time ago before the November the 9th.

Lets look at Trump’s Twitter to understand how he was getting more and more famous among voters with each day of the presidential campaign. In the beginning of the campaign in June Trump’s Twitter had around 8 Mln followers while in the end it already had more than 12 Mln Twitter followers.


If we look at more detailed statistics of Trump’s followers growth we can notice in August they started to rise dramatically. That means that active campaign in Twitter gave to Trump additional 4 mln votes. If we look at the final results of the presidential campaign we can see that that these additional 4 mln Twitter followers was a significant help for the final win of the republican nominee.


This presidential campaign was a very specific one. Too many dirty techniques were used so a lot people will feel relief after its finish. Social Media played a very big role in the final Trump’s win as it let candidate deliver his message directly to his votes and if we take into consideration the fact that media industry in general supported Clinton we can came to an conclusion that Social Media and new political technology methods let Donal J. Trump  cover more people and deliver his messages to the wider audience that his competitor did.

As a final page we can have a look on the last Tweet of the future 45th US president as on Wednesday he updated his Twitter profile bio to: “President-elect of the United States.” Lets see how he will use his Social Media channels when he becomes President.