Tiltspace is coming on the App Store & Google Play soon

Tiltspace is coming on the App Store & Google Play soon

Finland based puzzle game development company, Logicnap announces their plans to release their new game title Tiltspace on the App Store & Google Play market soon. Currently Tiltspace is currently unreleased  on Google Play and is available on Google Play for testing. Logicnap selected BombAppromotion PR & Marketing as their marketing partner for this game promotion campaign.  We would like to say some words about Tilspace game:

Tiltspace is a tilting puzzle game but not quite like you might expect! It’s an introduction to the tilty world of Tiltspace, a tilting maze where logical thinking gets you to the goal.

By tilting the playfield, guide the little Tiltspace people to their goals. Don’t let the bad guys reach the goal, and be careful not to get trapped! Start with simple challenges and progress towards the mindbendingly difficult ones. There are plenty of challenges to play, each of them a mixture of logical thinking and skill: find a solution by careful thinking and execute it quickly to get the highest score. The hardest levels are very very hard indeed. Use the hint button sparingly. Our endless admiration for those who solve all the levels!

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Tiltspace on the App Store & Google Play.

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