Users acquisition campaign from BombAppromotion

Users acquisition campaign from BombAppromotion

This effective marketing campaign will help iOS, Mac, Android developers acquire new users for their apps as well as improve the position of the app in the Top App Charts. This campaign will include promotion of your product throughout the main mobile video platforms, social platforms. Our team will use every resource at our disposal to guarantee your app finds a place in the Top App Charts, where millions of prospective customers have the chance to notice your app.

One of the most vitally important part of the complex app marketing campaign is to acquire new high lifetime value app users for your mobile product. With this campaign, you can easily get up to 2,500 app downloads for your product and instantly boost its on the Mac App Store, iOS App Store and/ or Google Play rankings. Our marketing team will closely track your app analytics in order to create a truly profitable marketing strategy for your product.

Campaign includes:

  • Implementing a campaign launch within limited territory
  • Driving high volume of new app installs to burst campaign
  • Analyzing specific media in niche markets
  • Using the cutting edge industry standards for advanced targeting
  • Driving sustainable long-term campaigns for steadily growing the user base
  • Measuring, iterating and improving user acquisition
  • Post-campaign analysis and recommendations

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